Greg Fullerton is a native of Glacier County, Montana, and a second generation beekeeper. In the early 1970’s, Greg’s dad, Bob Fullerton, began keeping bees in the Dakotas and later near Great Falls, Montana. Eventually, Bob founded what is now the Chief Mountain Honey Company, on the edge of Glacier National Park, just north of Babb, Montana, and just south of the Canadian border. Greg grew up helping his family keep bees, extract and sell honey, and make beeswax candles and ornaments.

After graduating from Cardston H.S. in Alberta, Canada, Greg enrolled in Montana State University to major in Wildlife Biology, though he continued to spend time helping his dad with the bees. Greg rejoined his dad as a beekeeper with Chief Mountain Honey and became interested in the pollination aspect of beekeeping. Greg founded Chief Mountain Pollination and began taking the Chief Mountain bees to the Sacramento Valley, in California, to pollinate the almond orchards. Greg worked for Steve E. Park Apiaries while in California and continues to do so today, generally from January through April of each year.

Courtney Stone Fullerton is a native of southwest Virginia. She grew up on a small farm on the Virginia-North Carolina border and comes from a long line of lawyers, farmers, and fabulous cooks. Courtney received her B.A. in English from the University of Georgia, Athens, and her law degree from the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia. Beginning when she was nine years old, Courtney traveled to Glacier National Park each summer. She, like the rest of her family, fell in love with the area. When Courtney was in college, she began spending each summer working near Babb, and moved to Montana directly after college graduation. Courtney has called Montana home since then, except during the time she spent working towards her law degree. In 2005, the Stones bought the remnants of the old Bar X 6 Ranch near Babb. They renamed it Hillhouse, after Courtney’s youngest brother, Howard Hillhouse Stone, who passed away in 2004.

In 2006, Greg became friends with Courtney’s brother, Sanford, who was living at Hillhouse. At an August 2007 party at Hillhouse, Greg was introduced to Courtney, who was practicing law in Missoula at the time. Not long after their meeting, Greg began finding many reasons to drive through Missoula and visit with Courtney, just as Courtney began finding many reasons to drive to Babb. It didn’t take Greg and Courtney too long to decide that they were “meant to bee.”

Greg and Courtney opened the Glacier County Honey Company on June 1, 2009. They were married on July 25, 2009, at Hillhouse, and went to work extracting honey approximately 36 hours after they exchanged vows. During their “honeymoon,” they extracted about 125,000 pounds of honey! At present time, they are living at Hillhouse and hard at work planning the construction of their new honey extracting and bottling operation, launching their website for honey and beeswax sales, and preparing for the 2010 almond pollination season in California.

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