Doesn’t this picture make you believe that I am going to start blogging again, and stick with it? When I woke on January 20, the morning light on Yellow Mountain, on Glacier National Park’s eastern border, made me feel as though I could accomplish anything, though a quick check on my google calendar reveals that my main accomplishments on that date were to balance the Glacier County Honey checkbook and send out monthly statements to my law clients. I think I made some soup. I know I fed our dog, Buck. I’m sure I admired the mountains. I did organize our spice cabinet, and combined four jars of curry into one, which felt good, in an OCD/Professional Procrastinator sort of way. I should have worked on an appellate brief, but doubt that I did. I recall running a couple loads of laundry in preparation for a weekend meeting in Chico Hot Springs that I did not end up attending. But clearly I did not start the Glacier County Honey blog, as I’d been promising myself I would do, nearly every day since December 1.

I want to believe that I will stick with blogging, this time. I’ve had a couple different blogs over the years, and the process of keeping up with them has made me feel like a writer, and not a lawyer, a beekeeper, a laundress, or a short order cook – which is the reality of my happy situation. But I hold out fond hope that this blog is the one that actually makes me a writer.

Each blog I’ve had, like certain journals I’ve kept, has ended when my life has changed in a major way … my most recent blog died when I moved from Missoula to Babb to marry my beekeeper and start the Glacier County Honey Company. Since then, I’ve drafted hundreds of blog posts in my head and taken thousands of pictures with the thought of posting them. I wanted to begin the Glacier County Honey blog with a post about bees …. extracting honey, shipping our winged critters to California, attending the January 2010 National American Honey Producers convention in Sacramento, California … but I’ve decided that I might as well take the first step in any way that I can! So, here goes nothing.

What this blog should contain: information about the Glacier County Honey Company, bees, beekeeping, honey, pollination, and all things related to Apis mellifera.
What this blog probably will contain: random information about bee embroidered sheets, Stila lip gloss, chicken enchilada recipes, and shots of the view from my house, near Babb, into Glacier National Park.

Hello, world …

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