I work for myself.  And although there is a lot that’s not great about working for yourself (clearly, taxes, but mostly that you are always working, and even when you aren’t, you’re thinking about how you should be working) there are some obvious bonuses.  Like today: the wind was silent, the snow was fluffy, the sun was beckoning, and I had fresh wax on my cross country skis.  So, I took an extended lunch break:

Buck and I like to ski on our lunch breaks

I got my Glacier back – Yellow to the left, Chief to the right:

looking west from Hillhouse

Hillhouse, from Gretchen’s Mirror:


Buck and I checked out the old beaver lodge, but didn’t see signs of any activity …

Beaver Lodge

So we cruised up to the Big Field and wished we could play Beer-in-Hand Kickball, but admired the view instead … looks like it’s still storming in Many Glacier:


Half Barn

Door to the Half Barn had blown partway open, so we shut it.  Next, we admired my favorite quartet of aspens on the property:

Aspen Quartet

And finally we stopped at the Little Field, and we marveled that six months ago today, before Buck even came into our lives, to say nothing of Roy Rogers, the new puppy, Honeydew and I stood out there near the water’s edge and swore to cherish each other forever.  It was a bit warmer that day, though no more spectacular than today … hard to believe it’s already been six months.  Harder yet to believe it’s only been six months … I feel as though I’ve known Honeydew forever.  Happy anniversary, Greg!  You are a Darling Husband.

the Little Field

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