I’d forgotten that Miss Maaaaaaatha is into beekeeping … she  updated her blog not too long ago, if you’re interested.

On a side note, I feel more conflicted about Martha than I do about most celebrities … when I was a kid, my darling aunt Sissy was a caterer (and a fabulous one at that), so of course she read a lot about Martha and often wore a Martha baseball cap, whether we were backpacking in the Tetons or working my Grandma Betty’s magical yard.  Now that I think of it, that cap had a bee on it.  And so I thought that Martha was “a good thing.”

But then she went off to Camp Cupcake for some pretty underhanded reasons … and the part of me that was raised in a family so pathologically honest about money that in junior high my Dad made me claim that $20 I earned on my once-per-year-babysitting-job on my tax return … well, I can hardly get over my disapproval of her actions …

At any rate, we all make mistakes, and Martha is frequently found giving honeybees and honey good press.  Can’t argue with that.  Here’s her blog.

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