Today was the prettiest January 27 ever experienced in the history of near Babb, Montana – there may have been equally sun soaked bluebird January 27ths, but none could have ever been more lovely than this one.

the view from the Big Field never gets old … and my desire to play Beer-in-Hand Kickball never wanes

happy dawg

Today, I:

1. Talked to Honeydew five times, because every time he called me someone would stop by the Brokeback Shack to visit with him, and he would have to call me back

2. Zapped some leftover chicken enchiladas for supper

3. Took all the garbage to the dump, which Buck was enchanted by!  Just like his uncle.  There was lots of junk laying around the dump, and I knew Brother Dear would have brought more home from the dump than he took, so I was glad he is safely in Charleston

the Ta-hoe-ho turned 160k this week

as scary as they are, I am grateful for the steps someone put to the right of the greenbox - makes hauling those big trash cans a heckuva lot easier

San's treasure trove

the dump is pretty prime real esate ... isn't the view down to St. Mary gorgeous?

4. Mailed three honey orders at the post office – thanks, y’all!

now, those are some honey supers ... but it sure is a lot easier to eat honey out of a Glacier County Honey squeeze top bottle than out of a super - July 2009

5. Burned cardboard

6. Shocked the hot tub and turned it up – haven’t sat in it since Christmas, ready to do so once more — preferably with Layla, Missy K, Misty Dawn, or Betsy — they have proven themselves to be hot tub companions of the highest order!  Layla, can I blog about your 30th birthday sometime?

7.  Brought in two wheelbarrows of wood and marveled that the woodshed hasn’t blown over yet – I wonder how long that cable holding the walls together will last?  The door is completely off its hinges at this point. (phase I of the Near Babb Girl’s Workout)

8. Shoveled all sidewalks/patio/etc (phase II of the Near Babb Girl’s Workout)

9. Removed a tree that was dragging the fence down (cross training phase of the Near Babb Girl’s Workout)

tear tearin' up my fence

the nerve! doesn't that tree know how much time we all put into fencing this past summer?

mission accomplished!

10. Walked the property perimeter with Buck and saw what I think were kitty cat mas grande tracks – my camera is a ruh-tard and didn’t focus properly on them – or it could be user error, who knows?

11. Inspected the warehouse and day dreamed about the next one – this is Glacier County Honey World Headquarters:

Warehouse No. 1

where Warehouse No. 2 will go

12. Laid down in the Big Field in the sunshine (it was probably about 20 degrees, but it felt amazing) and enjoyed ten minutes of absolute silence – ended up with a slight sunburn.  No complaints.

these boots allow me to actually impersonate a Real Montana Woman - thank you for a great Christmas gift, Honeydew

13. Washed dishes

14. Drafted the opening documents in a divorce

15. Woke up at 4am with moonlight flooding my room – knew I was ready to write about Howard – did so – was apprehensive as to what sort of reaction, if any, I would get.  Felt relieved to have written about Howard, at last.

sunrise warming up St. Mary, southwestern view from Hillhouse

16. Spent half the day reading your kind comments, emails, and Facebook messages – thank you for reading about Howard, and for sharing your memories of him with me.  Never gotten so many emails before.  It made my day, and clearly energized me.  Our fences thank you.

Good Night.

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