I adopted our coon dog, Buck, out of a bar two weeks after Honeydew and I were married, knowing that I would want a doggie to talk to while Honeydew was busy pollinating.  I named Buck after Buchanan County, Virginia, the place where I went to law school – when I arrived in Buchanan County, the FBI had just finished up Operation Coon Dog, as a result of some of the townsfolk taking government money earmarked for rebuilding the town, which had been ravaged by floods, and instead purchasing ATVs, gun racks, trips to Myrtle Beach, and coon dogs.  Honeydew was okay with Buck’s name because he loves “Act Naturally,” by Buck Owens.  Honeydew’s thoughts on my adopting a dog out of a bar on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, where we happen to live, were a different story.  But you can see who won that skirmish.

Buck proved to be a major asset while we were butchering elk:

And as you can see from my postings, Buck and I are sympatico and where I go, he goes, whether that is to my office 70 miles from here, to Denver to see the Broncos play, or to the back 40 for a little cross country skiing.  I love Buck, though it was completely unreasonable of me to adopt him considering how much I’ve been gone from World Headquarters this past year.

Honeydew likes Buck, but as he says, “that dog has so much love for me that I don’t even need to love him back.”  So I did not expect my reasonable, sensible, and no-nonsense husband to arrive in the land of pollination, where he generally works 7 days a week, and decide to get another dawg.  Especially not a puppy-dawg.

But our dear friends had puppies from their golden retriever and black Gentleman’s lab, and those puppies were darling, and needed a home, and the next thing I knew, Honeydew had brought one of them one back to the Brokeback Shack for good.  We named him Roy Rogers.  I haven’t met him yet, but so far it is long distance love …

That’s the new paint job on the 1 ton, above.

The image quality of these puppy love photos is not so great, but we are not complaining, because Honeydew, Mr. I Don’t Believe In The Internets, broke down and got a Blackberry so that we could stay in better touch while he is pollinating.  These pictures are all from his phone.  So, my love got a new phone … and a new haircut … what do y’all say to the idea of him getting some new, non-Jeff-Gordon sunglasses?

I need your help.  So does he!

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