Over the weekend, near-Babb dwellers had no sunrise or sunset to speak of.  But Friday, the atmosphere collided with the mountains in an epic farewell to the day.

I really must make it a priority this week to read more about photography … these pictures give you the general idea, but they don’t capture how the sunset soared with color in such a way that my breath caught when I looked up from the table and saw it.  I’d like to learn to take pictures like that.  Brother Dear can do that and he has many stunning sunset photos on his photo blog. And no, there aren’t any sunrise pictures — Brother Dear likes to sleep in.

Sigh.  Another thing to add to the to-do list.  Lose 15 lbs, learn to shoot sunset/sunrise/moon photographs, attain world peace … and let’s not forget, scrub the showers.  It’s glamorous being me.

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