The other day, I was in the yogurt section of my little podunk grocery store (no offense, grocery store – I’m glad you’re here – I would miss at least Iceberg lettuce if you left me), looking at all the flat-out-weird yogurt flavors: Red Velvet Cake.  Strawberry Key Lime Torte.  Orange Dreamsicle.  I always thought that those of us who eat a lot of yogurt are trying to improve our digestive health and our rear view.  I feel certain that Red Velvet Cake in yogurt form is nothing like Red Velvet Cake in Grandma Betty Form, and as a result of this injury to my taste buds, I would probably feel obligated to buy some cream cheese and red food coloring and make myself a Grandma Betty Style Red Velvet Cake.  Definitely not good for the rear view, probably not fabulous for the digestive track either, since the consistency of cream cheese has always reminded me of Crisco.  Though that has never stopped me from enjoying it.

At any rate.  As I was pushing aside the Yoplait Rainbow-Sherbert-with-Bananas-Grapes-and-Coconut flavors, hunting up the good ole Vanilla, Strawberry, and Raspberry flavors, and I had a pang of longing for my old grocery store, The Good Food Store in Missoula.  I don’t think they even carry Yoplait – instead, their shelves are lined with Nancy’s, Brown Cow, and, excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard, The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt.  It has a higher fat content than “normal” yogurt, but is so much thicker and creamier that I believe it is worth every calorie.  It comes in such exotic flavors as Vanilla-Cinnamon-Orange (my favorite), Honey, Pomegranate, and Fig.  Friends coming to visit me from Missoula know that the way to my heart is with a couple of cartons of The Greek Gods and a loaf of Brewer’s Grain or Birdman bread, baked fresh in Zoo Town.  They are always welcome to stay at Hillhouse for as long as the supply of Greek Gods and bread holds.

Anyway.  No, my podunk grocery store is not suddenly carrying The Greek Gods.  But it is carrying this, and I have to say that I’m pretty excited:

I tried it, and while it ain’t no Greek Gods, it was sho’ betta than normal Yoplait.  What’s next?  Grass fed beef, fresh scallops, Santa Cruz sparkling organic limeade, and a bulk food section?  Pretty please?