Montana’s winters have, as Dolly Parton would say, marched across my face.  When I arrived in Montana at 19 years of age to work for  The Resort at Glacier (AKA as: St. Mary’s), it was not just youth that was on my face’s side.  Nineteen years of humidity caused me to glow.  I wouldn’t have said it then, but looking back on non-digital photographs (because yes, that’s all we had even those short years ago), I will say that I exuded dewy youth.  Growing up in the South, my skin had sopped up humidity practically every day of my life, like a biscuit does to gravy, butter, and honey.  Clinique, Philosphy, and Creme de la Mer can’t touch humidity as the foundation to keep time from marchin’ across yo face.

But beauty being only skin deep, the humidity of my youth was unable to build up that sort of reserve.  And now that I have been here for the better part of ten years, I am no longer dewy.

I look in the mirror and see skin that’s soaked up sunshine while perched on several of the higher peaks in the Park, that’s stretched through thousands of miles of trails with the Hot Buns, and been bruised with the enthusiasm I put into learning to ski at the ripe ole age of 22.  I cannot disagree that my affection for the arid Montana out-of-doors hasn’t made a mark on my face.  And so, with my thirtieth birthday just around the corner, I’ve starting buying humidity.


The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash by Philosophy.

Whatever makes up the exfoliating beads in this stuff is magical – it doesn’t sting, the particles are not too big, and if you scrub your face with it for a minute or so and then allow it to simply set on your skin for another 30 seconds, it peels all the dead skin off your face and you exit the shower looking younger, at least momentarily.  The best part is that it doesn’t overexfoliate, meaning that after rinsing it off, you will not be beleagured by peeling skin the rest of the day.  Especially not if you follow it with this:

Hope In a Jar SPF 20 Facial Moisturizer by Philosophy.

Applying this stuff makes me feel like I’m pouring cold milk over my pores – which it has yet to clog.  It’s got SPF.  And its texture is almost like mousse – it has been whipped into fluffy submission, and my skin laps it up.  Delightful.

One of the great things about living in near-Babb, Montana, is that the local stores don’t carry Philosophy products.  Unfathomable, I know.  So I am forced, against my will, to log onto to purchase my skin care products.  The very best part?  Sephora gives you free samples of other products with every order:

Above: Sephora lash stretcher mascara (I agree with the basic beauty advice that if you are going to bother with anything, bother with mascara), bareMinerals original mineral foundation (because my skin, shockingly, is not perfect), Ouidad heat & humidity styling product – (possibly ideal for Laura’s Georgia-in-June weddin’?), The Perfect Shave kit w/ pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm (sent to Honeydew as a reminder to shave before my visit).

Sometimes I wonder if I am ordering from Sephora because of their good prices, their free shipping (on orders over $50), or their free samples … excellent marketing, Sephora!  You’ve totally suckered me in.  Dewiness-via-mail-order.  I feel younger every time I enter my credit card information.