Golden Triangle News Cut Bank Pioneer Press News Sheriff’s Log.

This week’s gems include:

11:58 a.m. Judge is at his cabin and forgot to leave some paperwork for a woman to come in and serve her time. She came last night but there was no paperwork and she was intoxicated so she was not accepted.

I’m sure this poor Judge is just thrilled that the whole world now knows he has a cabin, but I really love that the offender apparently showed up at the jail, ready to serve her time anyway, wasted drunk.

12:25 a.m. Caller on Badger Creek wanting a deputy to come to his house. His girlfriend has weed in her purse. Advised him to call BIA.

I could be wrong, but I’ve always thought that if you were worried about your significant other’s drug use, you had an intervention, or paid for them to go to rehab.  Is calling the Sheriff tough love, or love-less?

1:24 p.m. Woman with the park service at St. Mary calling about these weird figurines that are attached to trees up near Many Glacier. There are figurines of baby heads duct taped to trees, etc. They are located before the Winter pull off, going into Many Glacier Valley, along the roadway. She is going to take photos and email them to the sheriff.

We noticed these, too, over Christmas – completely spooky.  The 10 year old inside me is convinced there’s some serial killer living up the Many Glacier Road.  I wonder if the Press will follow up on this story.  Probably not.

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