There’s always so much to do down on the farm.  Even for visitors.  Deadheading roses in Grandma Betty’s magical yard, jumping in cotton trailers, taking a farm tour down the red dirt roads, mixing up biscuits, sinking into Springhead’s coolness, and fishin’.

Last night, we were down at Uncle How’s long-fought-for pond, which funnels about 2,500 gallons of water per minute from Springhead and also provides amazing bass habitat.  Brother Dear hadn’t been fishing for thirty seconds when he caught this fish, unfortunately not a bass:

That’s a carp.  Carp have teeth.  Carp are nasty critters.  I went back to taking pretty pictures after helping Brother Dear unhook the carp:

Brother Dear learned to fish on the farm.  I learned to ham it up.

Little changes, down on the farm.  Feels good to be “home.”

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