I haven’t written about beekeeping or Honeydew in so long that I got an email today asking if we are still married. Yes!  And very happily so.  Honeydew, bless his little heart, is still down in California, and he has been working his stinger off down there!  He tells me that despite all the reports of doom and gloom, colony collapse disorder and bees keeling over in droves, our bees are so healthy and happy that he could run through the beeyards nekkid, kicking over boxes, and not get stung.  What a mental image.

Those are overly-full hives, above.  Honeydew has been shaking bees, meaning he’s culling the excess numbers from each hive, and then selling those bees to other beekeepers who need to beef up their hives.  Honeydew is a very good beekeeper, but I think we may have a little luck on our side, too, because the reports on the health of this year’s almond pollinators in California have been dismal indeed.

A couple of days ago, Honeydew was working bees when John Walter, an artist from Clearlake, California, stopped and asked if he could take a few pictures of Honeydew, for reference in a future painting, one that he intends to be part of a series of the work that goes on in the Sacramento Valley.  Cool idea.  Here is my favorite one:

Oh, to be keeping bees with Honeydew (and Roy Rogers) in the California sunshine … I think he’s been gone long enough.

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