I think it is officially spring.  Birds are chattering, open water is sparkling, and I saw a skunk yesterday.  But as I’ve said before, spring is a fickle lady up here in the north country, and it is generally March, April, and May snow showers that bring us flowers.  Yesterday, the day dawned warm and clear, but by afternoon, it was snowing.  The storm snuck in from the east, I think, because I never saw it until the snow came floating down in front of the kitchen window where I was in the process of making gads of candles, and coating everything in my kitchen with a slick layer of beeswax.  This morning dawned clear and very cold – fifteen degrees, quite a change from the recent temperatures.  The light was playing with the mountain tops, and I tried to capture it:

Napi Point, Siyeh, Cracker, Wynn, etc

First light on …. Split?  That mountain’s name is not coming to me right now.  Anybody?

Looking down at St. Mary, where the only light is on that peak whose name I can’t recall … the fresh snow makes everything look so fresh and hopeful.

Happy Friday!

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