Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Laurence Fullerton request the pleasure of your company at the debut of … Glacier County Honey Company’s newest products!

Our gorgeous new pine cone candles, which smell like summer when burned – we don’t add a thing to our beeswax candles, but the scents of honey and wildflowers emerge from burned beeswax – heavenly.

By popular demand, our new five pound container of honey … at $21, this is your best per-pound bargain.  You win on the price, and I win on not having to fill five one pound containers!  Those one pounders are mighty easy to overfill … sometimes I dream that the honey is overflowing, and I can’t make it stop, and my life is perpetually sticky.  Oh, wait.  That last part is actually not a dream.  My life is perpetually sticky!

Although you’ve seen the three pound (above) and one pound (below) containers before, you haven’t seen their labels, gorgeously designed by Jay Franck and printed by our friends Jan and company at Gateway Printing in Missoula.    Jay and Jan are wonderful to work with.

We’re members of the Made in Montana program, a division of the Montana Department of Commerce.  These kind folks have helped us so much over the last year, as we navigate the territory of small business.  They’ve also put us in touch with some great folks at the Montana Department of Agriculture, who actually treat Glacier County Honey Co. like we’re somebody!  Ah, the joys of living in a very small state!  Well, at least population wise.

I’m still running around like a mad woman, getting ready for the Made in Montana Fair this weekend!  If I haven’t answered your e-mail or returned your phone call, I apologize, and I promise that I will soon.  Thanks for your kind patience.

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