After worrying for six months about whether or not I could pull off the Made in Montana Fair, I survived set up day, today! With the help of Don and Mimi Grant, who hauled honey, brought me chocolate, and procured me a table that absolutely makes my booth complete.  Thanks, y’all.  Now to survive the next two days.  I am so excited to be exhibiting and getting Glacier County Honey’s name out there, but so nervous that I didn’t set appropriate wholesale prices, that I didn’t bring enough inventory, and that I brought too much inventory, and no one is going to buy a thing, and I’m going to have to repack all that heavy honey and haul it back to Babb.

Tomorrow, the Fair is only open to wholesalers, but on Saturday, anyone may swing by to visit with me, buy some honey, or simply gawk at all the other beautiful wares offered by the many Montana producers.  I walked through the entire show tonight, after I was done setting up, and marveled at my fellow Montanans’ creativity and work ethic.  There have been a lot of folks pulling late nights in shops, warehouses, basements, and kitchens this winter.  There are fabulous handmade cedar deck chairs, earrings so darling they should be in Vogue, finger-lickin’-reminiscent-of-North-Carolina-BBQ-sauce, pictures of Glacier so gorgeous they ought to be hanging behind bullet proof glass, and many, many, many huckleberry products.

Here’s my booth:

Hopefully will get some better pictures over the weekend, but you get the general idea.

My front table.

Beeswax candles and blocks, displayed on an antique tablecloth my darlin’ aunt Sissy gave me and we used at my wedding to Honeydew.   The circular candle holder is made of Mississippi River mud, and was a wedding gift from the Mississippi native Ashley Anderson.  Never dreamed I’d be using weddin’ gifts at trade shows, but I love using weddin’ gifts, period.  It’s so much fun to use beautiful things, and think of those who loved you enough to give them.

Tomorrow and Saturday, I’ll be offering bread for sampling the best honey you’ve never tasted.  Torian (who married us) and Evonne (who gave me my start as a lawyer) gave me the darker yellow tablecloth, as a shower gift.

On the back table, 1, 3, and 5 pound containers of Glacier County Honey are proudly offered, along with tapers displayed in my parents’ brass candlesticks.  I think the straw skep, gifted by Amy E, adds a sweet touch, as do the fun bee lights in the background, a present from Sarah Clowerpower Hailey.

Close up of some of my ornaments jazzing up my sister-in-law’s Christmas tree – it truly takes a village to get me to the Fair.  Thanks, Katie!

More updates to come … I just had to show y’all what’s kept me from actually writing on this blog recently.  Wish me luck!

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