I originally signed up for Twitter as a challenge to myself to string together 140 characters or less in an attractive, writer-ly fashion, every day.  And I occasionally still do that.  But I really got into Twitter this winter as part of my quest to advertise our brand spankin’ new bizness, Glacier County Honey Co., without spending a dime.  In the process, I’ve ended up following, and being followed by, a lot of folks who are interested in honeybees.  One of these is @robincharlotte, otherwise known as Robin Humphrey, an artist and jewelry designer from Los Angeles, California.  She loves cats, tacos, estate sales and albino peacocks, and she creates absolutely gorgeous, one-of-a-kind jewelry from actual bees, fish, etc, that she preserves in resin and the like.  I would say that her work is not for a shy woman.  I would not say that I am a shy woman.  I would say that I would love to own each and every one of these pieces – check ’em out:

Leather & Sterling Silver Bee Necklace, $98 – like nothing I have ever seen before – Robin used red recycled leather, a bee encased in resin, moonstone, rutilated quartz and honey jade – wow.

Bee in a Rain Forest Paradise Handbag, $295 – the amount of detail in this shoulder bag/clutch/evening bag is stunning!

Pinch and Sting Earrings, $96 – so clever!  The left earring has a real fiddler crab claw, encased in resin, and accentuated by a Peruvian Opal – the right has a bee encased in resin, accentuated by a rutilated quartz.

Fire Sting Earrings, on sale for $72 – and strangely, the ones I want the most – hint, hint, Honeydew!

Indian Moon Yellow Jacket Necklace, $98 – Or maybe I want this one the most.  I think it would look rockin’ with my other two bee necklaces – I’m into layering necklaces right now.  Robin describes this necklace as incorporating a yellow jacket, and not a bee, but I think the effect is the same.  On this one, she used sterling silver, a large round coin Swarovski crystal pendant (to represent the moon), a feather, a yellow jade and a small teal crystal.  Well done!

You can find more Robin Charlotte designs on her website and her Etsy shop!

Disclaimer – I love Robin Charlotte jewelry, and my love is pure.  Robin did not suggest this post, offer me any compensation, etc.  I just like to share items of material desire on this little blog, every now and again.  And I hope you enjoy a little breather from beekeeping and life near Glacier National Park, too.

That said, I gave her a heads up that I would be blogging about her unique creations, and she created a coupon code for any one of you (Honeydew?) that might be wandering over to her website to make a purchase – just enter ilovebees in the coupon code box at checkout and you’ll get free shipping!  Can’t argue with that!  Thanks, Robin!

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