I have always loved a good John Deere riding lawn mower, whether the real thang ….

or the miniature that Santy Claus brought me when I was very small.  It was so heavy I couldn’t even pedal it for several years, but once I got strong enough, it was my favorite toy, and later, Brother Dear and Howard’s favorite toy.  The toy version is one the few relics from our childhood that Brother Dear and I agree must be saved.  The He-Man and She-Ra action figures, not so much.

When we bought Hillhouse, it came with a very pathetic Sears riding lawnmower that Dad, Brother Dear, and now Honeydew, have managed to keep sputtering through each July and August.  Happily, it lasted through the weekly weddin’ prep mowing, and for that we are all grateful.

All of us long for a Real Lawnmower, a John Deere, but Hillhouse also came with this, and so we must be satisfied, for now:

Did I mention The Dump at Hillhouse?  It’s Brother Dear’s spiritual mecca.  He took the above picture.  I’m ready for him to hit it big as a photographer and buy us a brand spankin’ new John Deere.  Nothin’ runs like a Deere.

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