On this little blog, y’all know me as a very happy beekeeper’s wife, bursting with excitement over our brand spankin’ new retail business, experimenting with honey and beeswax, two mediums that seem to have nearly endless good points.  You know I’m a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a niece, a granddaughter, a cousin, a sorority sister, an ex-roommate, a professional bridesmaid, an ex-girlfriend, and a godmother.  You know I love dogs, Glacier National Park, Greek Gods yogurt, and frequent flier miles.   You know I have friends who are bird nerds, Southern Belles, cowboys, Hot Buns, and teachers.

But you may not realize that more days than not, I take off the beekeeping veil, throw my hiking boots in the garage, turn the flame off from underneath the beeswax, and put on a suit.  I am also a family law attorney in Cut Bank, Montana, and today I had to have my picture taken in that persona.

I think family law is the most serious law that can be practiced, and I take it very seriously.  What is more important than a family, no matter how it may be defined?

But ten hours later, I still am cracking up over this picture.  Is that really me?  The kind man who took this picture clearly airbrushed out the beeswax that is generally stuck to my eyebrows, among other things!

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