Earlier, I touched on the elk that we saw on Two Dog Flats and the shores of upper St. Mary Lake.  But my companions and I also hiked from Rising Sun to Lost Lake and back, and the layers of blue and white and ice were sublime.  Here, I’ll show you shots on the way to Lost Lake.

My hiking companions: Heather, Glo, and Damian.

Going to the Sun Road, Two Dog Flats, Red Eagle as the prominent mountain in the picture.

Upper St. Mary Lake, looking out towards Mt. Fuisillade, center.

Fabulous ice on the shore of upper St. Mary.

The quintessential Glacier Shot – Mt. Fuisillade with Wild Goose Island in the foreground.  There’s an oft repeated urban legend around Glacier that this mountain is the one that the Paramount Productions mountain is modeled after, but I don’t think it’s true.

Little Chief – Damian’s mom thinks it looks like the inside of a seashell – I agree.

Almost to Lost Lake, walking along the Going to the Sun Road.

More of upper St. Mary lake.

Looking east towards Divide Mtn, the last to the left.

Icefall.  I love to think about the moment the water froze.

Damian and Heather.

The finest of April days.  Can’t wait for July!  Only, there will be a heckuva lot more folks on the Sun Road, then.

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