Like any pair who’ve been together for a few years in the digital age, there are many, many pictures of Honeydew and I.  And before today, I would have been happy to see exactly four of them posted on the internets: the picture of us laying together in the hammock, the July day we decided it was love; the engagement photo Tom took of us the following December; the formal wedding shot Tom took of us the July after that; and the snap Brother Dear got of us on our way to a Christmas party, this past December.

This is not to say that I don’t treasure each and every shot of us sweating like pigs, sticking to each other during honey extracting season; dirt streaked, wind blown, and exhilarated on top of peaks in Glacier; and happy in our Saturday griminess.  I do.  But I find it odd enough to share this much of my life on the internets, and I would prefer to at least put my best face forward to … whomever it is that reads this blog.

Anyway, there are now five pictures of Honeydew and I that I approve of for the internets – here we are on our way to the Glacier County Honey Company end-of-pollination-queen-grafting-splitting-shaking-season Thank You Dinner:

Thanks to Sharon for proving that we really do shower, every now and again.  And especially thanks to the extended Park/Park-Burris/Libbee/Wooten/Stayer/Wooters families, for all the help, and love, this season.  We couldn’t do it without y’all, and even if we could, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

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