Where have I been these last couple of days?  Well, I never dreamed so many of y’all would e-mail to ask, that’s for sure!  Apologies – when the beekeeping/lawyering aspects of my life collide, an all-over-the-state-trip is often the result of this Big Bang, and I spent Monday in Great Falls, Tuesday in Helena, and Wednesday fighting my way up Hwy 89N in this latest spring blizzard we’re having!  Another foot plus here at Hillhouse.

Sigh.  Snow in May makes me homesick.  Homesickness makes me hungry.

Hungry for pulled pork.  And North Carolina style vinegar barbeque sauce – the only kind of sauce that should ever touch the Noble Swine.  To baste a hog with sticky, gummy, ketchup based Kansas City style barbeque sauce is a cardinal sin, in my book!

Here’s Bill Marshall, legend in Henry and surrounding counties, tending to the pig at a party we had at Blackstone Farms, where I grew up, a few years ago.

And here’s the house where I grew up.  In Virginia, we get snow at reasonable times of year.  December, January, and February.  Never in May.

And here’s Blackstone Farms in the springtime.  Look at the green …

I missed y’all, too.  It’s good to be back.

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