Today, my beloved turns 100.  And no, I don’t mean my Honeydew, who will proudly tell you that I am the old one in our relationship, that he is three years, five months, and one day younger than I am.

Glacier National Park was founded May 11, 1910.  Glacier and I fell in love in July 1989, so this marks our 21st year together.  Honeydew was brought home from the hospital to Glacier’s border in January 1984.

In this household, where we look out on peaks including Divide, Red Eagle, Singleshot, Siyeh, Cracker, Wynn, Swiftcurrent, Merritt, Yellow, Chief, Ninaki and Papoose, just to name a few, Glacier is deeply loved.

I don’t tend to post pictures I didn’t take, or wasn’t there for the taking of, on this blog, and so I’m not going to give you a pictorial history of Glacier through the years (especially since I wasn’t there the day construction on the fabulous Going-to-the-Sun Road began in 1921).  For more information about Glacier over the last 100 years, the park service has created a great web page – if you’re curious, check it out here.  However, in celebration of Glacier’s centennial, I am going to post some of my favorite pictures taken in Glacier over the last quarter century.

Here’s Honeydew with his sister Katie in the late ’80s … if they’re not in Glacier, they’re pretty darn close.  You can walk into Glacier from the house they grew up in.  And yes, Honeydew still guzzles in that particular fashion.

Honeydew and Katie in Glacier, sometime in the late ’80s/early ’90s.  I would say they are at Iceberg Lake, but I don’t know for sure.

Honeydew, with Katie and brother Travis, climbing Chief Mountain sometime in the early ’90s.

Lunch break with my family, including Funcle How, on Swiftcurrent Pass in the mid ’90s.

With Brother Dear and Howard on Gunsight Pass in the late ’90s.

Honeydew with his darlin’ friend from high school, Ashley, climbing Chief in the early 2000s.

A day that changed my life, though of course I didn’t know it then – In 2000, Clowerpower and I paused on our way into St. Mary to take this photo of our first day as the summer help.  I’ve never really left.

With Brother Dear and Howard at Iceberg Lake in the early 2000s.

The beautiful August 2002 day on Dawson-Pitamakin that the Hot Buns were officially formed: Missy K, LJ, me, and Becky.

With Howard and Brother Dear at Logan Pass in 2003.

My brother Howard, on Napi Point, in the summer of 2004.  He died a month later.

With Sissy at Numa Lookout, high above Bowman Lake, in 2005.

With Brother Dear at Snow Moon Basin, I think in the summer of 2005.  My first trip of many to that special cirque.

Dad biking down the Many Glacier Road, 2005.  Go, Dad, go!

First summit of 2006, on my 26th birthday – Divide Mountain with Johnny, Missy K, and LJ.  Not technically in the Park, but close enough.  Chief Mountain isn’t either, if you’re going to be picky about it.

Hillstockers at Shangri La, 2006.

Cross country skiing on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, near Rising Sun, with the Hot Buns, in 2007:

Hillstock 2007, on Mt. Reynolds.

Falling in love with Honeydew on Matahpi, 2008.

Conquering Floral Park in 2008 with Brother Dear, Claire, Honeydew, LJ, and C. Street.  Probably my favorite hike of all time.  So far.

Hillstock 2008, Snow Moon/Falling Leaf.

Mom, Funcle How, and Sissy at Comeau Pass, in 2008, holding their battered copy of The Millen News.  They’re from Georgia, y’all, they just can’t help themselves!

Backpacking in the Belly River with the Hot Buns (and Johnny, not pictured), Labor Day Weekend, 2008.  It would be snowing by the time we hiked back out.

On the way to Grinnell Glacier with my mom, my dearest friend, and my precious godson! 2009.

First trip to Glacier 2010: with Claire, Missy K, Ray-Ray and LJ.

I hope my great grandchildren children are equally enamored of Glacier on its 200th birthday.  Happy Centennial!

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