I’ve been called a bull in a china shop at least twice.  My high school nickname was Grace.  Brother Dear and Honeydew agree that I can’t chew gum and walk at the same time.

Honeydew played high school football, baseball, and hockey.  And he was good.  More recently, he received the coveted MVP title during a Hillstock Beer-in-Hand-Kickball tournament.  He is strong and graceful.

Last week, Honeydew and I unloaded 300 fifty-five gallon metal drums off a semi.  Guess who worked on the left side of the pile, and guess who worked on the right?

And guess who bruised her right knee into a lovely shade of chartreuse, in the process of throwing, as opposed to stacking, barrels?

And guess who went back up to World Headquarters the next day to straighten them out?

Hint: it wasn’t me.

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