Honeydew took me on a date Saturday night!  No, we did not go cow tippin’.  We drove down to East Glacier to stuff our faces at Serrano’s (Hug-Me-I’m-A-Little-Chili), a Mexican restaurant where the food is hot, flavorful, and fresh, and the margaritas are cold, salty, and never taste like sweet-n-sour mix.  Unfortunately (though fortunately for my liver and thighs), Serrano’s is only open seasonally.  We extend our undying gratitude for their early opening this year.  Our date was so much fun!  In part, because it’s an adventure just to get to East Glacier, as it is about an hour from our house, a beautiful, though twisty drive down the Rocky Mountain Front/Glacier National Park border.

On our way home, I started babbling to Honeydew about my love for bears and how badly I wanted to see one on the way home.  He’s heard it all before.  But, as luck would have it, no sooner had the words left my mouth than we happened across this guy:

Yes, my friends, that is a black bear walking down the road near Two Medicine, Aquavista bottle in mouth.  Don’t y’all know how smart bears are?  They don’t even need to be told to get in their 6-8 glasses of water every day, they just do it.  On the one hand, they are inspirational …

And on the other, they’re just a little bit trashy.  Look at the bear with his water bottle!  Hilarious.  At this point, Black Bear noticed Honeydew and I laughing at him, and retreated just a little ways into the woods.  Then he dropped the Aquavista bottle and picked up a Mountain Dew bottle out of the ditch.  Guess he likes his caffeine and sugar just like the rest of us!  Couldn’t get any good shots of him with his Dew, but we did get quite a few more of this bear, as he paid us little attention.  A seasoned celebrity, clearly used to the paparazzi.

He looks a lot bigger than he actually is in this picture, though that is not to say that he’s not a sizable black bear, nor that I would want to cross paths with him on a trail.

After he laid down the Mountain Dew bottle, he came back up the ditch, towards our car, looking for more … trash?  One can only assume.  Or maybe he’s so smart that he knows we’re beekeepers and generally have a case of the best honey you never tasted with us at all times?  Black Bear got so close to the car that Honeydew eventually put the window up.  Again, do as I say, not as I do.  It’s the early season yet!

Hi, friend.  Do you like margaritas, too?

Go find some grubs or something, man.  Lay off the Dew!

All in all: a very fine date night.

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