Tuesday.  Mama Moose came to see us this morning.  Do you see her baby, just to the left?  We’re a regular Moose Nursery at Hillhouse these days – our darling friend Max saw one Mama Moose give birth to a calf, right on the edge of Gretchen’s Mirror, last week while he was house/dog sitting for us.  Shortly after we arrived home, our second Mama welcomed twins.  Moose can be a bit ornery and cantankerous, but their babies, like all babies, are fuzzy and clumsy and precious.  And not nearly as scary as the grizzly bear cubs we saw yesterday.

The day wore on.  I was in Cut Bank lawyerin’, but Brother Dear and Honeydew were beekeepin’.  Sometimes, when the bees are low on honey and a bit hungry, we’ll give them a drink of sugar syrup to tide them over until the nectar flows again.  When we feed them, I like to imagine them in their hives, whiling away the rainy, cold hours, drinking pina coladas, talking about all the fun they’re going to have at the lake as soon as the sun comes out.  This is Honeydew spraying out the syrup tank with the pressure washer.

The dandelions are in bloom, and though dandelions are hard on lawns, they make bees happy.  And so I have learned to tolerate them, and even to get excited when I see them.Because once the dandelions are blooming, you know that there is pollen, and though it might make me sneeze, it is good for bees.  Do you see the bright yellow pockets on the legs of the honeybee, below?  Those are her chaps, and that yellow is the pollen that she has gathered.  She’ll turn it into feed for the larvae bees, incubating in their cells.  Did you know that the Queen will lay 1,ooo – 1,500 eggs per day?  She is a busy lady.

At the end of the day, everyone was tired, and took a nap.

Watching Roy sleep makes me laugh.

Everyone tells you to appreciate the little things.  I appreciated this very average, irreplaceable Tuesday. And I especially appreciate Brother Dear, who took all of these pictures, and made me part of the day, after the fact.

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