It is raining near Babb.  The kind of rain that strips you of your mascara in an instant.  The kind of rain that keeps bees in their hives, playing keno and trading honey-glazed-doughnut recipes.  The kind of rain that provides a brief respite for beekeepers before the physical demands of the honey crop begin.  I woke up from a nap this evening and thought I was in the South, so loud was the water bouncing off the roof.

We’ll be back to blogging about beekeeping as soon as the sun comes out.  But for now, since the satellite internet is degraded and barely working under the deluge, and since we’re on a wildlife kick on the blog this week, I thought I’d post some pictures of Foxy Foxy, our mascot and most-frequently-spotted critter at Hillhouse.  Honeydew took these in early May.

Isn’t she lovely?  Each year we’ve had Hillhouse, she’s had a litter of kits under the old bunkhouse.  Fox kits are the reason for the word “mewling,” though they are quite adorable.

Quite a pose.

I would love it if she would bequeath me her tail in her will.  I would love to run my fingers through it, tickle a little girl’s face with it, maybe curl it up and put it in my jewelry box, to admire each time I hunt up my grandmother’s pretty pearls.  But only if it’s dry.

Stay dry, my pretty.

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