Wife has left me home for the evening and has not prepared a blog for the day. What will I prepare? What was she thinking? Wife has told you that I don’t particularly like the internets, I also feel similar about computers. Picture me sitting here typing, deleting, searching, with the use of my two index fingers.

Above is a picture of Yellow Mountain. Wife, Brother Dear and I climbed this peak in the summer of 2008 during the dating and impress stage of our relationship.

We started the ascent from my dad’s house on two four wheelers.

Brother Dear seems to enjoy the transportation. I have taken many people out on the four wheelers and never injured a single passenger……that was before I met Courtney. During the hour long ride to the base of the mountain my clean record was ruined. Riding along as usual, I ran over the hundredth stick of the day. Somehow this stick was not as ordinary as it seemed. The stick was ALIVE! My front tire gently rolled over it and it decided to violently flip up towards us and bite Courtney in the thigh. Now how do you keep passengers safe with sticks that have a mind of their own?

Yes, that is my wife’s leg with what seemed to be just a mere flesh wound. (and yes, I am showing off a close up of my wife’s beautiful legs on the internets) Courtney assured Brother Dear and I that she was fine. We were able to summit Yellow and make it home without any further injury.

Above is Courtney and I on the summit and below is the incredible view of Chief Mountain as seen from the top of Yellow, looking straight North.

After this climb Courtney told Brother Dear and I that she had been in excruciating pain the whole time. Isn’t it interesting how tough we can be while pursuing one another? Courtney wanted to be tough enough to hang with the boys and I think she proved how tough she is. She did have to visit a doctor and her insurance provider did consider suing me for the doctor’s cost.  Since this time, I think a stick with its own mind has found her every ride we have taken. She really doesn’t like to ride on the same four wheeler as me and we both find it unnecessary to be as tough as while we were dating.

Thanks for tolerating my blogging!