As I mentioned earlier this week, we spent our Memorial Day Weekend on the wide Missouri River.  Our objectives: to catch up with dear friends and family.  And to snag some paddlefish, of course.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and spent most of Friday waiting out the rain.  But Saturday dawned bright and breezy, and our three boat owners got together and managed to haul everyone and their favorite chair, cooler, and fishing rod, out to an island in the wide Missouri.

Brother Dear caught a pallid sturgeon, a member of the Acipenseridae (sturgeon) family of fish that originated during the Cretaceous period 70 million years ago.  According to Wikipedia, the pallid sturgeon has remained essentially unchanged over the last 70 million years, and is considered to be a relic of the dinosaur era.  The United States Fish and Wildlife Services has apparently called the pallid sturgeon “one of the ugliest fish in North America,” and for once in my life, I must agree with the bureaucrats.  Pallid sturgeon are endangered, so Brother Dear threw this one back.

Nephew Kameron caught a mighty fine catfish …. mmmm, yummy!  Good work, K.

Honeydew caught Kameron, after he ran across the line Honeydew was setting up for him and got his feet tangled up.  As a result, Kameron successfully set the barb in Honeydew’s finger and yanked it out, all in the span of about 10 seconds.

Several folks caught paddlefish, including Amy’s brother Travis:

Apologies to the rest of y’all that caught a paddlefish … this was the only good picture I managed to get … isn’t she beautiful?  I think we named her Esmerelda.

And what did Pseudo Sister and I catch?

Some rays, for sure … with pretty niece Taylor.

And a little bit of a champagne buzz, too.  Hey, someone had to celebrate all of the hard work going on around us!  Way to go, anglers!

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