Half of our 80 x 120′ steel building arrived yesterday!  As a result, it was all hands on deck around here – Honeydew taught Darling Summer Help how to drive the forklift on the fly while Honeydew learned to drive some other forklift-on-steroids-contraption on the fly, and together (with my supervision and some assistance from the big rig driver) they got all the pieces of the building off the truck in one piece.  That took a while, and took some serious energy.  So at 12:30, I walked home to fix everyone lunch.  Good decision.

I got to walk past the Little Field, where Honeydew and I were married.

Is it not gorgeous?  Did you ever think dandelions could cause you to catch your breath, and reflect on the beauty of the commonplace, to this degree?

Last summer, I walked down the center of this field on my dad’s arm, laughing and joking with him about this walk being the longest, and hardest, of all the hikes we’ve taken together.  And of course, I walked back up the center of this field on Honeydew’s arm, laughing and joking with him about the wedding planning being a test to see if we had the communication skills necessary to a successful marriage – and that we had passed the test, and it was time to celebrate!  I am not renowed for my memory, but I feel certain I will never forget either walk.

And I feel certain that I will never forget the relief I felt yesterday morning, walking through the golden Little Field, knowing that Warehouse No. 2 is well on its way to becoming a reality.

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