Honeydew’s darling friend from high school, Ashley, is one of those women that everyone should have in their life.  Unfailingly upbeat, no matter what life throws at her, thoughtful, and fun.

Ashley is also drop dead gorgeous!

At any rate, Brother Dear is down in Missoula for the next couple of months, studying for the dreaded Bar Exam that he must pass in order to join me in my law practice.  Ashley, in her thoughtful way, sent Brother Dear a little present to make bar prep a little less dreadful, and it was too cute not to share with y’all out there on the internets.

Here is Brother Dear, posing with one-half of the gift.

The reason 98% of the people reading this don’t recognize the candy bars is because Ashley, in addition to being sweet, is Canadian!  And yes, she does sometimes say “eh?” – always amusing to me.

The card reads:

Congratulations you Big Turk for being such a Smartie and shooting your Aero for the stars!  We’re sure you kept your Coffee Crisp pulling all nighters while writing papers on your Mack Toffee laptop!  Now you need to drink more CaraMilk and Eat More and FORGET about Sweet Marie in order the pass the Wunderbar!

Like I said, everyone needs an Ashley.  She is definitely random acts of kindness and beauty personified.

How are the Canadian candy bars, Brother Dear?  Chocolate with a hint of gravy?  Eh?

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