Haven’t reviewed a book on this blog recently, though I’ve read plenty.  But nothing has really spoken to me, whether through greater message or simply beautiful world choice.  Until I picked up This Is Not the Story You Think It Is, a marriage memoir by Montanan Laura Munson.  I read it not for marriage advice, but because I think she lives across the mountains from me, and I had read plenty of her freelance work in various magazines and newspapers, and I was curious about her.

However.  My own marriage is better advised, having read Ms. Munson’s raw account of the time period following her husband-of-twenty-years-and-two-kids’-announcement that he did not think he loved her any longer, that he was not sure that he had ever loved her.  Ms. Munson replied, “I don’t buy it.”  And proceeded to prove that to him in some ways, to ignore him in others, but to give him the space he needed to sort out his own problems without actually putting him, and their marriage, into a black hole.  Instead of consulting some divorce attorney like myself, she took matters into her own hands and bled her marriage vows.  The book is gorgeous.  It is painful.  If you are in a committed relationship, I recommend it.

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