My grandma’s sweet tea on a hot day.

Holding my godson.

The fuzziness of a fresh mint sprig, cut from the garden.

A steam shower after a cross-country skiing expedition.

Welcoming my parents to Montana.

Grilled peaches.

A fire, the dogs, Honeydew and me.  Maybe a bottle of wine.  Just talking.

A postcard from an old friend.

Beating butter and honey into sweet potatoes for pie.

A phone call from an aunt, an old roommate, a new friend.

The way the air smells on Gunsight Pass.

The way honey smells when we’re extracting it.

The way Honeydew smells after a long day with the bees – like honey barbeque potato chips, from the smoker.

And this.  This moment was sheer happiness.

Congratulations, Laura and Bo!  May you find happiness everywhere you look.

2010.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved  Photo credit to Sarah Hailey.