Sure, magnolias are lovely.  Mint juleps are refreshing.  But what I really, really love about the South are the roadside boiled peanut (“bawled p-nut”) stands.  Even when peanut season is long gone, intrepid Southern entreprenuers pull their peanuts out of their deep freezers and entice tourons and Southern ex-pats alike to their salty offerings.

Let’s just say that Honeydew also enjoys them, and ate about $16 worth.  Wow.

Mmmmm.   Meat skins, also known as pork rinds, too.

Love the South.  I hope to live out the rest of my days in Montana, but I’m always so happy to say, whether or not I am asked,  “I’m from the South.”  Just for starters, our peanuts are better’n’yurs.

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