This is a question I am frequently asked in Cut Bank, where I keep my office, some 70 miles from Hillhouse.  It is, of course, a question with many answers, depending on the time of the year, and the time of day.

This time of year, after whatever configuration of present Hillhousers has laid away their work for the day, whether that work be eradicating the various noxious weeds trying to invade our property; scrubbing floors, windows, and cabinets; tending to 1,000 hives of bees; distributing marital estates; ridding the cabin attic of guano; changing oil in various rigs; overseeing the construction of an 80 x 120′ warehouse; ironing, mending, and washing; or teaching the new puppy old tricks, we like to gather around the fire pit, and fill each other in on the details of our days.

We’ll watch the sunset together.

And we’ll ask the dogs about their day.

And we’ll watch the Mirror play.

Sometimes well into darkness.

And suddenly the day has come to an end.  And we get up the next day and do it all over again.  And that’s what we do near Babb.

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