My world was rocked yesterday when I realized that I am not the only girl in the world who finds Darling Summer Help … well, darling.  Yesterday, DSH, or “Dish,” as we’ve taken to calling him, journeyed to the big city out on the prairie to pick up his … Darling Girlfriend.  And it turned out that Darling Girlfriend’s birthday is today!

So, Pseudo Sister and I set out to make a special dinner to commemorate her arrival to near Babb.  We visited the “wedding gifts closet” and selected a darling cake pan for Darling Girlfriend’s birthday cake.

And then we called my mama for her fabulous Rum Cake recipe … if you’re gonna eat cake, it better be rum cake!  Rum cake is absurdly easy to make and guaranteed to impress.  It took less than 5 minutes to whip up, and in those 5 minutes we were distracted by the Bacardi and forgot to take pictures.  While the cake was baking, we prepped elk medallions, spicy-steamed-green-beans, potatoes-n-vidalias, and green salad.  Mmmmm.  Have y’all figured out yet that we’ll seize on any reason to cook a good meal at Hillhouse?  Especially for a birthday!

The cake finished baking, and Pseudo Sister and I poked holes in it and poured the rum-butter-sugar glaze all over it and tried to restrain ourselves from gobbling down the whole thing.  We sliced a little bit of cake off each half in order to put the two halves of the beehive together, and were impressed with the finished product, though the bees themselves are hard to see in this picture.

Pseudo Sister and I were models of self restraint yesterday.   We had to sit there and smell this cake for hours before DSH and DG returned home … but the look on Darling Girlfriend’s face was worth it when we served her the cake!

Happy birthday, Darling Girlfriend!  We appreciate your sharing DSH with us this summer.

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