Y’all may recall a dark period of my life last month when I used this blog to vent my absolute and utter frustrations with the red tape involved in building Warehouse No. 2.  I am happy to say that when I left for work this morning, I stopped by the construction site, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a concrete truck … and two miniature reindeer!  Yes!

Just kidding on the reindeer.

But, after weeks of grading and graveling and leveling and regrading and regraveling and releveling, and then placing plastic sheet and rebar and foam board in preparation for the radiant floor heat system, and then installing the wondrous radiant floor heat system, we were ready for the concrete.  At long last.

Can you see the layers of gravel, plastic sheeting, foam board, rebar, and tubing for the heat?  Hooray!

A radiant floor heat system needs a boiler room with which to control it.  Here, where the tubes are all capped off is where our boiler room will be.

And here is the first glorious layer of concrete, the foundation to our honey house and to our livelihood.

In the next few days, we’ll pour the rest of the concrete, and then the building will begin to go up … what a very fine day that will be, as was today.  Thanks as ever for your virtual love and support!

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