Sorting through the afternoon mail, I came across several cards addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Honeydew, and I paused.  Why would my lovely grandmother Ivey and Honeydew’s mother both be writing to us?  Had we been bad newlyweds?  Had we neglected a thank you note for some kind action of theirs?

And then it dawned on me.  Next week, we will no longer be newlyweds – my grandmother and my mother-in-law were both writing to congratulate Honeydew and I on one year of marriage, this coming Sunday.  We’ve nearly outlasted 90% of Hollywood marriages!  A celebration is definitely in order.

So, at the risk of losing all of my male readers, I am going to do several posts on our weddin’ this week, as putting it together with my mom, my aunt, and my grandma Betty was simultaneously one of the most joyous and and awful tasks I’ve ever dealt with.  Honeydew and I were married at home, and we did nearly everything for our wedding ourselves.  And by that I mean that we gave Honeydew marching orders and Dad the invoices and Mom, Pseudo Sister, Sissy, Grandma Betty and I obsessed over every detail for six full months.  Here are a few:

Here I am with my sister-in-law bridesmaid, left, and my very best friend in the world, my matron of honor.   Look closely at my bouquet to see the something old – I am carrying my great-grandmother’s sterling silver card case, and in it, photos of my beloved Pa Pa, and my darling brother Howard, both of whom passed away prior to my marriage.

Something new – Honeydew bought me custom cowboy boots with my new monogram.

Something borrowed – I wore my mom’s beautiful wedding hat, that she wore when she married my dad in the fall of 1975.

And something blue – mom also lent me her gorgeous sapphire ring, on my third finger.

More weddin’ details to come – I know you boys can’t wait!

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