I predicted earlier this week that I would lose all of my male subscribers by indulging in a week’s worth of weddin’ posts.  I was right.  So far, we’ve lost one subscriber, presumably male!  But hang in there guys, there are just two posts left before I return to blathering on about beekeeping and Babb, Montana – plus, today’s post might appeal to the men out there, as it features the get-away “car” that Brother Dear arranged for us, and gunpowder!

This is Tammy, our old Ford Explorer.  Not much is known about Tammy’s youth, but in her middle age, she was acquired by Jay Franck, a good friend of ours who also happens to be Glacier County Honey’s web designer, and who came up with our fabulous logo.  Before Jay was an amazing print and web designer, he was a waiter at Johnson’s of St. Mary, just down the road from Hillhouse, and he owned Tammy.  As a Johnson’s employee, Jay lived on top of a very steep hill, with an absurdly steep driveway.  One morning, he emerged from his cabin to take Tammy for a spin.  Next thing he knew, he was rocketing backwards down the hill, heading directly for the restaurant!  Panicked, Jay jumped out of Tammy, and Tammy crashed into the restaurant, where Brother Dear happened to be frying bacon on the line, at the height of the breakfast rush.  Amazingly enough, no one was significantly injured during this incident, except Tammy.

Tammy ain’t got no back end no mo.

Tammy ain’t got no side windows, neither.

So Jay approached Brother Dear about taking Tammy in, giving her a restful environment in which to spend her golden years.  Tammy is officially retired from the paved roads of Montana, but she’s great on the dirt roads of Hillhouse, and she provided a mighty festive exit for Honeydew and I after our weddin’ reception!

Miss Bets also provided Honeydew and I with a fabulous exit – as a surprise to us, she set off beautiful firecrackers as we left the reception.  Earlier this week, I wrote about how much fun Miss Bets is, and I think you can see from this beautiful display that she is incredibly thoughtful, too.  Plannin’ a good Montana weddin’ takes a village.  And a backless Ford Explorer!

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