In my efforts to launch Glacier County Honey Company without spending a dime on marketing, I unknowingly gave myself several gifts.  The most important was permission to write again, to be unafraid to muse about my brother’s death, and how it has affected me, in virtual ink, with friends and strangers alike.  As I’ve written before, though I launched this blog to help establish Glacier County Honey’s web presence, I actually re-launched my identity as a writer.  And it feels so good to have dusted that name tag off, even if my skills are in need of a shot of literary WD40.  I would rather write than do almost anything, and I long to reach back through ten years and wring my 22 year old neck.  If I had had just had a little more self-discipline at 22, perhaps I would actually be a writer, and not a blogger who feels guilty for blogging when she could be, probably should be, lawyering.

Another gift: humanity on the internets.  I’ve been wholly surprised by the number of virtual friends I’ve accumulated in my blogging and Facebooking and Twittering.  Despite what you hear on the evening news, I’ve found the online community to be warm and witty and welcoming.  It seems that nearly everyone on the internet identifies themselves as a writer, or owns a small business, or loves the way dawn smells as it breaks.  Good folks are everywhere, after all.

One of these friends is named Lisa, and she tends to her blog, Privilege, with great care, caution, and camaraderie.  Lisa is a gifted writer, and I very much enjoy her topics on WASPy issues that I believe are being “discussed” in public for the first time, in this age of social media.  But more than that, I’ve found Lisa to embody that warm hearted spirit of the online community more than any other virtual friend I’ve made on the internets.  She is very generous, with her blog space and her Tweets and her time, always going out of her way to mention another blogger she finds amusing, or to send a kind word to someone who is clearly down.  Lisa has linked to Glacier County Honey off her blog on several occasions, and she recently mentioned us in a meme she posted to her blog.  In her considerate way, Lisa stated that she was only passing on recognition to the bloggers she mentioned, and not obligation to repost the meme.  She would never be a burden, her manners are simply sterling.  But I found her meme amusing, and so I am reposting it here.  Thanks, Lisa.  You make the internets brighter.

1. What Experience Most Shaped You And Why? (That You Love)
I love that this experience must be one you love – I write enough about grief and grieving on this blog that y’all already know the negatives that have shaped me irrevocably.  I suppose that the experience that most shaped me that I love was my first summer working near Glacier National Park.  Before then, I didn’t know that flowers could be that shade of purple that divides sunset and moonrise, that peanut butter and honey sandwiches could taste like sunshine, that people of all backgrounds from across the country could actually be as interesting as their bumper stickers made them out to be.  That summer changed me forever, and has made me happier than I knew I could be.

2. If You Had A Whole Day With No Commitments, What Would You Do? (That You Love)
I would rise early, and enjoy cream stirred into my coffee while wrapped in a fleece robe, out in my adirondack chairs.  There would be no wind.  The loons on the pond would scream out their approval of the gorgeous morning.  And then I would go climb a mountain in Glacier National Park with at least one someone I love.

3. What Food Or Drink Could You Never Give Up? (That You Love)
Cream stirred into my coffee?

4. If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would That Be And Why? (That You Love)
I’d like to see New Zealand, to hike the Milford Trek and drink fine sauvignon blanc on some knoll overlooking a fjord.  And I assume that I would love it.  But I don’t know for sure, so instead I will answer that I would travel to my grandma’s magical yard, and breathe in the roses and the decaying Georgia heat.  I know I love that.

5. Who Do You Have A Crush On? (That You Love)
Our puppy dog, Roy.

6. If You Were A Leader Of Your Country, What Would You Do? (That You Love)
I would encourage social media, actually.  It’s in, and I think it helps to develop reading, writing, and researching skills, all so incredibly important to an educated populace.  We need more people asking “why,” not just spitting back their party’s line.

7. Give Me One Savory Recipe That Doesn’t Include Cheese (That You Love)
Pastor Ryan-via-the-Pioneer-Woman’s Whole Herb Roasted Chicken – incredibly delicious, easy, and sure to impress!

8. If You Could Spend Just One Day In Someone Else’s Body, Who Would It Be? (That You Love)
I’d spend the day in my husband’s body.  I believe it would be illuminating.  Though smelly.

9. What Women Writer—Living Or Dead—-Do You Most Admire And Why? (That You Love)
I admire Pam Houston for her thoughtful, brave commentaries on what it means to fall in love with inappropriate cowboys, grapple with your weight, love your dogs too much, and recreate a life for yourself under the big skies of the West.  At times, her writing is a prism through which I view my own life, and she makes it better.  That’s not to say my life is not wonderful – it is – but everyone needs to be reminded of that, at times.

This was fun.  Thanks, Lisa.

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