Bucky Dawg and I spent many nights together this winter, curled up in front of the crackling wood stove, thinking about Glacier County Honey Company, our identity, our brand, and our future goals.  After some time, I decided to register “you’ve never tasted honey this good” with the State, and I went around conducting informal polls and tastings to back up my claim, as did dear friends of mine like Layla Jane and Ray Ray.  On Twitter and Facebook, I chatted Glacier County Honey up, and I became friendly with Flathead Living Magazine, a lovely quarterly publication out of, you guessed it, the Flathead Valley, Montana.

I sent them a box of honey with a note that said, “tell us this isn’t the best honey you never tasted!”  And so they did their own testing, decided it was, and gave us a little bit of press in their Summer Edition!  Here’s the photo they ran, that they kindly sent to us:

To see what else Flathead Living Magazine had to say about Glacier County Honey, pick up the Summer 2010 edition and turn to page 78!

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