The warehouse construction continues.  Big sigh.  We are still not extracting honey.  Bigger sigh.  We are almost out of 1lbers.  Little sigh – that’s okay, we’ve still got 3#ers and 5#ers if you need ’em!

However, once the concrete pad cured, the steel and lumber comprising our dream/nightmare warehouse rapidly began rising towards the sky.

Here is west end of Warehouse No. 2, where our offices and employee break room will go.  The crew framed in those five rooms in one day!  Good work, guys.

Honeydew took me up in the scissor lift to admire the framing from above.

Mom and Roy stayed behind.

Here we are, standing in Honeydew’s future office.  Can y’all believe how big Roy has gotten?

Today, Honeydew and Brother Dear worked alongside the crew, in an all-hands-on-deck-effort to finish Warehouse No. 2 so we can start extracting honey!

They got the box in that will power our wax spinner, an integral piece of honey extracting equipment.   Neither Honeydew nor I are too sure exactly how the wax spinner works, but we do know that honey comes out one end and beeswax comes out the other, and that our lives are greatly improved as a result.  Can’t wait to flip the switch!

We designed Warehouse No. 2 to have extensive upstairs decking for storage of honey bottles and the like.

And the happy side effect to our design is that the upstairs decking sure has a view … I always thought true love simply needed a room with a view, but apparently in the near-Babb-gal’s case, it’s a warehouse with a view. And I am truly in love!

2010.  Glacier County Honey Co.  Some photo credits to Brother Dear.  All Rights Reserved.