Warehouse construction continues.  Darling Summer Help can now add Electrician to his ever-growing resume.  Brother Dear can add slavedriver/community organizer, err, Fearless Leader to his.  I don’t know exactly how Honeydew and I thought we were going to put up this warehouse without Brother Dear and both of our dads’ direction, but suffice it to say, we’ve been mighty grateful for the help this week.

Here, Brother Dear leads the way on the wiring project.  Dad taught him to wire a couple of years back, and now, after putting the Shack, the Tack Barn, and the Cabin under his belt, he is a wiring whiz!  Thank goodness, as no one else in Glacier County seems to be.

Dad brings plenty of wiring experience to this project, too – after all, he gave Brother Dear his start!  Here, Dad is installing the boxes that outlets and light switches will be housed in.  They look like this before the outlet or switch goes in:

Under Brother Dear’s sharp eyes, Darling Summer Help and the forklift are running wire from the box to the back rooms.

On Sunday, Brother Dear had me marking where the outlets should go in the future kitchen/employee break room.  I got to use a speed square, which I thought was cool.  First straight lines I’ve ever drawn!

I also left helpful comments with my Sharpie for the contractors, who presumably hate me.  I would hate me.  But I hate life without windows more.

Mom kept the warehouse site sparkling!

Mr. Cain supervised.  No one supervises more efficiently than Mr. Cain.

Today, the work continued, as it must, though I had to go into Cut Bank to do some lawyerin’.  When I arrived home at ten till seven, I found Darling Husband, Darling Summer Help, and Darling Brother Dear just knocking off for the day.  They were perched as high as they could be, up on some scaffolding on the top floor/decking/storage area of the warehouse, reviewing the events of the day.

Scaring their wife/sister/employer to death.

They scoffed at me, pointing out the fabulous view, which they claimed was relaxing …

And then returned to the task of hydrating themselves …  after all, as they told me, it was hot today.

Thanks to everyone who’s helping to make Warehouse No. 2 an attainable dream and less of a nightmare.  We appreciate you!

2010.  Glacier County Honey Co.  Some photo credits to Brother Dear.  All Rights Reserved.