Mom and Dad are frugal folks.  They don’t buy lots of toys or name brand shampoo.  They save for stuff that matters, that they really want, and they’ve taught Brother Dear and I to do the same.

So, a couple of years ago, when Mom and Dad started talking about buying a hot tub for Hillhouse, I dismissed their animated chatter and thorough research as fluff.  And a year or two after that, when I arrived home on a dark June evening to see pulsing light throbbing from the back patio, I was flabbergasted.  There they were, happily bobbing about in their brand spankin’ new hot tub, complete with multi colored light show.  Very Playboy Mansion.  Very out of character for them.

Fast forward to present time: they love that hot tub.  It is good for aches and pains.  It is excellent for star gazing.  It is conducive to deep sleep, post-tubbing.

It is lots of fun.  But on the day they brought it home, I had not an inkling of the level of maintenance required for its proper care.  Of course there is the constant testing of pH and calcium hardness and chlorine levels.  There is the twice yearly draining, scrubbing, and refilling.   And, as I’ve learned since the hot tub came to live on our patio, for optimum hot tub performance, hot tubbers should shower off without using soap before entering its pristine waters, and they should not wear bathing suits that have been laundered with soap.  Otherwise, this happens:

Foam!  Honeydew likes to scoop it out of the tub and fling it into the air.  Normally, this would not be blog-post-worthy, but I liked how the pictures turned out.

Hard to tell the cotton ball clouds from the foam he’s flinging around.  Honeydew can make anything fun.  Your turn to scrub toilets, honey.

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