Men building warehouses must be fed, often and early.

Or at least, that’s our excuse this summer … though truth be told, every summer, our meals tend to be a little over the top, as we nightly try to sample all of summer’s bounty on our plates.  But anyway you look at it, keeping the chuck wagon running, as Mom calls it, is a full time job.  This summer, Mom’s been gone a lot, setting up her new home in Whitefish, and so I’ve been left to deal with the chuck wagon mostly on my own.  Pseudo Sister, Brother Dear, Honeydew, and even Darling Summer Help have all taken their turn at Celebrity Guest Chef, and they’ve all cooked up fabulous meals, but for the most part, the chuck wagon has been mine this summer.  My general style is to cook up a big meal with lots of sides on Night 1, and serve leftovers for lunch and dinner at least the next day, sometimes the next couple of days.  That style can lead to some fairly hilarious pairings.

Last night, Mom came over from Whitefish bearing sushi and spring rolls, which we promptly added to the buffet of leftover sliced peaches, steamed green beans, meatloaf, caesar salad, smoked salmon, creamed corn, mashed cauliflower, and grapes.  I added my sushi to my salad plate.  Honeydew, on the other hand, came up with this delectable combination:

Spring rolls, sushi, caesar salad, marinated shrimp, creamed corn, and meatloaf.  I suppose this is what happens when Whitefish and Babb collide.

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