In beekeeping, we get by with a little help from our friends.  The warehouse is nearly done, but the multiple delays we experienced in getting our funding, and commencing construction predictably caused us to get really, really behind on what we are actually in business to do: harvest the best honey you never tasted!  Knowing this, consummate commercial beekeeper and dear friend Steve Park offered to send us one of his most competent sets of hands, Shane, to help us pull the last of our honey crop before the true cold sets in and the bees mightily protest our harvesting their extra honey stores.

As promised, Shane is a skilled honey puller and a very hard worker!  Added bonuses: he’s kind to beekeeper’s wives when they forget to add salt to the meatballs.  He’ll talk huntin’ with Honeydew from sunup to sundown, relieving the rest of us from that sometimes-tedious conversation.  And he really loves dogs.

They love him, too.

Thanks for helping us get by, Shane!

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