Dawn woke me this morning, clear and cool and calm.  I fell back asleep, wrapped in the silence, and dreamed of heirloom tomatoes and Duke’s mayonnaise.

An hour later, the cacophony of Roy’s barking and Brother Dear’s barking at Roy woke me, and I opened my eyes to swirls of mist shrouding Hillhouse, all the clear dawnlight filled in with gray.

“Moose!”  Brother Dear announced triumphantly.  “ARFARFARFARFARFARFARF!” Roy trumpeted.  And in fact, this was no elaborate plot for pancakes on Brother Dear and Roy’s parts:

Bull moose.  Buck lit after him on three legs, having had an up close and personal encounter with our neighbor’s car earlier this weekend.

Bull moose paid Buck little attention, but did leap over the barbed wire fence separating Hillhouse from the marsh in a single bound, with the ease of a very hairy principal ballerina executing a grand jete.  It made for a glorious start to the day.

2010. Glacier County Honey Co. All Rights Reserved.  Photo Credits to Brother Dear.