Glacier County, Montana: my oldest love.  Honeydew knows it.  He says I loved Glacier County long before I ever loved him because he lived here, and I loved his presence without yet knowing him.  Have I mentioned that one of Honeydew’s favorite country songs is It’s Hard to Be Humble?

At any rate, falling in love with Honeydew and becoming the Beekeeper’s Wife added a new aspect to my love of Glacier County – in our beekeeping travels, Honeydew introduced me to the back roads of Glacier County, that wind across the countryside, rolling across the plains, stretching across the rivers and creeks, kissing the US/Canada border.  Sometimes I think that Glacier National Park is most dramatic from the distance of the plains.

Though summer has already left us, yesterday the mail brought some sunshine back into my office, as snail mail so often does.  Our dear friend (and fabulous beekeeper) Jackie Park-Burris came to visit us this summer, and she mailed us a CD of pictures from the trip.

Here’s Jackie at one of our bee yards, or as she calls them, “bee pastures.”  Jackie’s beekeeping biz is in Northern California – slightly smaller bee yards down there!

And here’s Honeydew checking on some supers – supers are all of the “extra” boxes above the bottom two boxes of each hive.  Each stack of boxes is one hive.  In the supers, bees makes the extra honey that we harvest for your pleasure!  So when we talk about pulling honey, we’re talking about pulling all the “extra” boxes off the hives.

Now, all the honey is pulled, all the yards uniform once more, except for our crazy paint colors.  It was a beautiful summer, one I treasured each moment of, though my love affair with summer is never sated.

2010.  Glacier County Honey Co. Photo credits to Jackie Park-Burris.  All Rights Reserved.