I got a pedicure last week, when I was in the glamorous city of Great Falls, Montana.  I asked the sweet gal to scrub the frothy pink off my toes – in early August, I’d thought the bubblegum shade might look good against that tan I never ended up getting.  But by last week, I had accepted the pale countenance looking back at me in the mirror, and the reality of the summerless summer had sunk in.  On the way to Great Falls, I gave myself quite a pep talk about embracing fall, which can last twice as long as a near Babb summer, and be almost as lovely, if you’re open to possibility.  Hence, chocolate brown toenail polish.  Autumnal.

Doesn’t it look lovely against the snow that fell last night?

Yes, my friends – we did receive our second snow of fall 2010 on the morning of September 21.  Near Babb, the snow continued to fall in thick clumps all morning, making my drive into Browning one hydroplane after another, as the slush clogged the blacktop of Duck Lake Road.  Sigh.

Luckily, I am feeling open to possibility – right now, there are more shades of yellow in the stands of Aspen than I previously knew existed – deep butternut, delicate citron, delicious saffron.  On my drive into Many Glacier yesterday, I passed one stand of Aspens that looked like a cluster of bottled honey, and a lone tree, simply shimmering with lemony color, like a long stemmed flute of sunshine and champagne.

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