One year ago, give or take a week or two, Honeydew gave me the go ahead to start Glacier County Honey’s retail business – although he is happy to see 100% of our gorgeous white honey go out the door in 55g drums, I am not.  Honey this pretty should be placed into fabulous flip top, squeeze containers with wonderful no drip vacuum seals, and shipped to you for your pleasure!  And so, not having an inkling of what I was doing, I ordered 1,000 containers and began bottling.  I couldn’t justify the cost to print custom labels, so I spent hours in the tack barn, at my desk, and on the kitchen table creating my own labels.

And I loved them, the way the dark brown ink bled softly on the shipping labels, imparting that “love went into this bottle of honey” feel that it is important to me, because it is true of the Glacier County Honey Company.  I loved that the rubber beehive stamp caused my fingers to look like they’d been processed in a sepia bath, and I relished rubbing the dye off my fingers as I chatted on the phone, telling my college roommates yes, I started a retail business.   In short, I loved everything about the labels, except the cramps they caused in my hands and my neck.  And so I replaced them for the more professional, though still homegrown labels we use today.

Amazing what can happen in a year.

2010.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.  Top photo credit to Lindsey Flaherty, whose boyfriend likes his Glacier County Honey with some peanut butter and a spoon!