Hillhouse is dotted with falling down buildings, remnants of the glory days of the Bar X 6 Ranch, which is what this place was called before we renamed it Hillhouse, in honor of my beautiful baby brother who died too young, six years ago.  The history of the Bar X 6 Ranch reads like a novel that Larry McMurty and Danielle Steel collaborated on, and is a story worth sharing.

But for now, feet aching, arms throbbing, and slightly sticky from my day extracting about 6,000 pounds of the best honey you’ve never tasted and pouring several rounds of beautiful beeswax candles and Christmas ornaments, I’ll put the Bar X 6 story aside for a future blog post.  I just like this picture of the Half Barn, and thought I would share it with you.  We’re pretty creative with our names around here, huh?

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